Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Will our associate ministers be required to resign when a new pastor is called?
No. Our associates are called to their positions at Idlewild. They are free to make their own choices with regard to their futures at Idlewild.

Will there be an interim minister?
The Pastor Nominating Committee has been charged with seeking a new Head of Staff for Idlewild. We are focusing on this goal. The question of whether to call an interim minister during the transition period is outside the scope of our charge.

What are these acronyms we keep hearing?
PNC - Pastor Nominating Committee
CLC - Church Leadership Connection. The PC(USA)'s online matching system which endeavors to match candidates to open jobs in the denomination.
MIF - Ministry Information Form. The PC(USA)'s version of a job advertisement. Ours has been posted in the CLC since September after approval by the Session and Presbytery.
PIF - Personal (or Pastor) Information Form. Function as both resumes and job applications for potential candidates. The PNC receives PIFs in response to our MIF which is posted on the CLC.

How is the position being advertised?
Our Ministry Information Form was posted on the PC(USA)'s electronic matching system in September. You can read the Idlewild MIF here. We have also spoken with PC(USA) leaders, pastors, and contacts in affiliated seminaries for direction and suggestions regarding our next Head of Staff. Finally, we sincerely appreciate the suggestions we have received from members of our congregation, and we welcome further suggestions.

Have you spoken with potential candidates?
Yes. As of late October, we are in the process of reaching out to and speaking with potential candidates.

....can you tell us about the candidates?!?
With apologies, no. Among other reasons, the PNC must maintain confidentiality to avoid impacting the candidates' relationships with their congregations. This does not mean that we will tell you nothing, however. We represent you, and we intend to continue to update you about our search progress. That said, we will be unable to mention names, locations, or even the genders of our candidates.

I have a candidate or resource to suggest, how can I communicate with the committee?
Please feel free to e-mail any suggestions to pnc@idlewildchurch.org
Otherwise, stop us at church and let us know! Just make certain we have a pen and paper handy.

Who are you, exactly, PNC members?
Betty Louis Sheppard (chair) - ESSheppard@gmail.com
Jeanne Marie Cummings - jcmmings1@gmail.com
Albert Johnson - albert@vuconllc.com
Julie Markham - julie.a.markham@gmail.com
Cindy Moore - cmoore@mifa.org
Mitchell Redd - mitchellredd@yahoo.com 
Jeremy Sykes - jssykes@gmail.com
Jeff Thompson - jthompson@martintate.com

How can we help?
Apart from sending us suggested candidates or resources, we invite you to pray for:
1) our church as we enter a season of change,
2) our committee as we speak with candidates, and
3) the candidates as they discern whether they have been called to Idlewild and continue serving in their current roles.

In Christ,

The Idlewild PNC

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Open congregation conversation session

The Pastor Nominating Committee invites the congregation to an open conversation session on Sunday, October 21 in the chapel following the 11:00AM worship service. All are invited to inform us about what qualities you may like to see in our next pastor. We are also interested in your vision of Idlewild's future.

We are sincerely grateful for the thoughtful suggestions, comments, and questions we have received in our listening sessions so far. You may have participated in a session already, perhaps in Sunday School, or in our conversations with staff and clergy, or in our exchanges with the diaconate and Session. 

Truly, these sessions have been conversations and not merely passive listening sessions. Because of time constraints (and possibly our own gregariousness), we may not have heard every voice. Perhaps you had more to say and did not have the opportunity, or perhaps you have given the future of Idlewild additional prayerful thought in the interim. Some may not have been able to participate at all. Whether you want to follow up on a prior conversation or speak with us for the first time, October 21st will be your opportunity to engage the PNC regarding our shared future. 

As you contemplate the work God will do at Idlewild under our next pastor, we encourage all to remember our vision statement, which has formed the foundation of the PNC's work thus far:

Idlewild Presbyterian Church is a community in which ...

Jesus Christ is the center; The mighty voice of God inspires us to love; the Spirit joyfully sustains and nurtures seekers of every age, stage and circumstance.

Worship forms the core of community life; prayer binds our brokenness and connects us in Christ's love to God and to one another; music, poetry and art flourish in gratitude to our Creator; the beauty of creation is treasured and preserved; all the members of the church are ministers.

The focus is scripture and its meaning for today; faith is formed and spirits nourished through reflection, practice and shared learning; the wisdom of other faith traditions is respected; and a diverse membership enriches and unites us. 

Justice speaks loudly and peace is our aspiration; all voices are heard; recreation and play are a wellspring for fellowship, celebration and growth; the love of God guides our minds and spirits, leading us to right action in our hearts, our homes, our community, our nation, and our world; and  

                                  all who enter find a home. 

Please continue to keep the PNC, the church, and the potential candidates in your prayers. We look forward to hearing from you on the 21st.

With gratitude and love,

The Idlewild Pastor Nominating Committee